Sweet Roll Cafe Plans 100 outlets rolling by 2025 in the Gulf Countries

 Sweet Roll Cafe Plans 100 outlets rolling by 2025 in the Gulf Countries

Middle East’s first Chimney cake Franchise, Sweet roll café concept which operates around 30 outlets is looking to expand 100 outlets in next 3 years in the GCC.

Dubai:  The Middle East’s first Chimney cake Franchise, Sweet roll café, is made with fresh chimney bread, ice cream, coffee and drink with more and more than 60 types and varieties, in addition to pastry varieties.

Chimney cake is made with a very sweet pastry dough wrapped around a mold and baked in an oven while rotating. The result is a hollow cylinder—or, in a more recent Roman variation, a cone to be filled with ice cream.These slightly crispy, flaky cylinder-shaped pillars of dough are referred to as “chimney cakes.” As it cools, these cone-shaped pastries let steam out from the top, creating the smoking chimney effect. This Romanian dessert is made from Hungarian sweet bread that’s baked in a rotating oven, then coated with a sweet glaze.

“It’s a traditional Central European pastry, and all the countries of Central Europe claim to have invented it,”Ability to offer our brand in multiple dimensions from 10 to 170 square meters, we have an unlimited variety menu with ice cream, desserts, cold and hot drinks Chimney bread, specialty hot and cold coffee, various flavors, toppings, sauces, milkshakes and sweet treats. We develop local flavors for each country/territory so that we can respond to any demographic changes and customer requirements very quickly Said “Saeed Rashid Mohammad Rashid Al Naqbi, the founder of sweet roll café.

We are targeting 15 cities in GCC in next 3 years to take on numbers from 30 to 100 outlets and we have presently in UAE and Saudi Arabia.

It has another taste, and we take care of the quality of our products, and we also offer coffee Specialized through specialized coffee machines and using coffee distillation In addition to a lot of cold and hot drinks. Said the founder of sweet roll café “Saeed Rashid Mohammad Rashid Al Naqbi

Sweet Roll has a vision has always believed that life is shorter than Acceptance of ordinary and traditional things, we are through Our distinguished team and our passion to expand our branches locally and internationally, with great effort to satisfy the tastes of our clients and our is dedicated to being an inspiration Creative by providing a delicious experience of Refreshing foods, sweets and ice cream And specialty coffee and cold drinks And hot to better serve our customers.