Arab Franchise Expo Event will target Top 100 Arab home grown franchise brands to “Go Global” by 2025

 Arab Franchise Expo Event will target Top 100 Arab home grown franchise brands to “Go Global” by 2025

Dubai:  Arab Franchise Expo 2022 concluded on a strong note, as global and local franchise companies signed new deals and partnerships during the 1-day expo. The Franchise Business & Awards Event, centered on the franchise industry, was organized by Arab Business Media Group and was held at Dubai Pullman Creek Convention Centre. It brought together 100 brands and 60 franchise companies, and participants from over 20 countries.
The success of the show has led us to aim for an even bigger event next year. The Chairman of Arab Franchise Expo, Khaled Al Maeena said, “The overwhelming response to the Franchise Expo & Awards has prompted us to target over 100 franchise brands for next year’s event – covering fifteen sectors in multiple cities in the Arab countries and a grand event in London to make sure homegrown brands from Arab countries gain global exposure.”

The next Expo will be in Jeddah and will focus on a major expo in London during the mid of 2023, followed by New York, Mumbai, Singapore, and Ethiopia

Arabian Oud outlet in  New York, Time Square

In the past year, 7.8% of Saudi and UAE brands have managed to grow their Brand Power. Those with rising Brand Power saw their usage increase on average by 1.8 times their Power growth rate. Power is a measure of a brand’s ability to drive volume sales, and it’s been shown over many years and across global markets to be closely related to market share. That’s because Power – an attribute that exists in the minds of consumers – leads to the greater real-world usage of a product.

For small and emerging businesses, going global is a significant undertaking that could disrupt existing business activities. Thus, it is crucial for CEOs and business leaders to understand its full impact and determine if the rewards outweigh the risks. Stakeholders across the organization will be called on to carry more responsibilities to continue to execute day-to-day activities in addition to the global initiative.

Dubai-based Chicking, one of the fastest-growing food chain groups in the world, unveiled a new set of business tie-ups to expand into Europe, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Morocco, Brunei, Djibouti, and the Maldives

Taking a small business global is a complex and dynamic process. Gaining a deep understanding of the targeted markets, the competition, current local market trends, and the requirements to successfully launch and drive growth lays an important foundation.

The effective selling and marketing of your products or services require a comprehensive, cohesive strategy that addresses sales strategy, sales delivery, branding/value proposition, marketing strategy, marketing programs, and pricing, which together create clear market differentiators that propel market acceptance and revenue growth.

Jeddah Based Al Baiq Restaurant  in Kualalampur ,Malaysia

Some countries are known for being highly litigious, so it is critical that strong legal processes are put in place to minimize unnecessary commercial risks. Also, government agencies have strict requirements that necessitate legal documentation be in place prior to operating within the country. Being proactive does require money upfront, but this more than offsets downstream risks and liabilities.

Opportunities are there to be seized. After all, building a strong, resilient, and growing brand is a long-term project, to be worked on in good times and bad.